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Family History
There’s plenty of debate over who invented the hot dog, but there’s no question surrounding who reinvented it: Millie Dindot’s. We’re named for the legendary Millie Dindot (pronounced DIHN-dot), the adventurous, outspoken matriarch of the Dindot family. Our relatives include Wilbur and Orville Wright and celebrated sharpshooter Annie Oakley who toured the country as a part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Our family’s legacy of daring, out-of-the-box thinkers led to Millie Dindot’s own mantra of “Don’t do it like everybody else” and, ultimately, to one of Ohio’s Amish Country’s most fun dining and shopping experiences. Come join us!

What To Expect
Because Millie didn’t dabble, we don’t either. We celebrate fun, flavor and family with an over-the-top experience featuring premium, locally-produced franks and gourmet hot dog toppings, 31 flavors of creamy, slow-cooked ice cream in delicious flavors like White Lightening and Oregon Blackberry, the region’s largest selection of nostalgic candy, and over 150 vintage and craft sodas, including classics like Dad’s Root Beer, Peach Nehi and Cheerwine and exotic flavors from Chocolate Bacon to Barf!

Building Community
Much of what we do is based on feedback we get from our Facebook fans. Be sure to like us on Facebook because Millie values your opinion. Our history includes stories of a sheriff with four deputy daughters, a famous singing and dancing troupe, the sharp-shooting Annie Oakley, and the Wright Brothers. These and many more are reflected on Millie’s Photo Wall, where you can see many of the namesakes for our hot dog recipes. We’re constantly trying new things and we need your feedback!
We love hot dogs, ice cream, candy and sodas. We just do!